Virtual University of Pakistan has opened admissions for Spring 2023 session with effect from February 15, 2023, in accordance with the following schedule:

Note: The University reserves the right to make any change(s) in the admission schedule.

Detail about the study programs, eligibility criteria and General Instructions published at VU website link https://www.vu.edu.pk/Admissions/AdmissionProcedure.aspx. Moreover,  Admission-ToRs along with the information of processing teams was shared with your good-self last week.


  • Admissions Forms will be accepted of the applicants having completed/qualified their terminal degrees and holding official consolidated/result cards/transcripts.
  • Make sure that applicants have uploaded readable and attested copies of documents.
  • Blurry and Web based Result Cards/documents is not acceptable and such admission forms will be marked rejected.
  • Hope Certificates/Online Result card is not acceptable for admissions in Spring 2023.
  • The University is going to offer 2 new study programs namely Associate Degree Program in Arts and Associate Degree Program in Sciences during spring 2023 semester (information published shortly).
  • Campus Manager(s)/Administrators are held responsible to make sure all process flawless and fare. Thereafter, they will submit Admission Forms to the respective zones in accordance with the instructions.

Note: Hard copy of the Prospectus is not available in Spring 2023 admissions; only soft copy of the Prospectus will be provided/ shared with the candidates/students via email.

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