Pass-out Position Holders

Sr. IDs Name Degree Program Score Achievement
1 BC160403659 Mr. Arshad Ali BS-Computer Science 3.96 Gold Medalist-2020
2 MC180202396 Mr. Zahid Saeed Master-M.COM 3.71 2nd Position-2019
3 MS150200486 Mr. Muhammad Usman MS in Computer Sceince 3.64 3rd Position-2017
4 MB130400026 Ms. Nimra Hussain MS-BA MBA (Equilvalent ot MS) 3.71 3rd Position-2015
5 DC130200056 Mr.Faizan Khalid PGD in Business Admistration 3.81 2nd Position-2014
6 MC130202976 Mr. Asif Raza Master-MCS 3.5 Certificate of Merit-2015
7 MB120400243 Ms. Abreen Sarwar MS in Business Administration 3.91 Gold Medalist-2014
8 MC120203585 Mr.  Owais Shafique MS-BA MBA (Equilvalent ot MS) 3.95 Gold Medalist-2013
9 MC120200533 Mr. Rashid Badar MS-BA MBA (Equilvalent ot MS) 3.55 Certificate of Merit-2013
10 MC100201072 Mr. Muhammad Saqib Ajmal Master-MCS 3.93 Gold Medalist-2012
11 MB120400028 Mr. Kshif Imran MS-BA MBA (Equilvalent ot MS) 3.61 2nd Position-2012
12 MC090407952 Ms. Faiza Rasheed Malik Master-MBA 3.69 1st Position-2012
13 MC090408094 Mr. Rizwan Ali Shah Master-MCS 3.66 1st Position-2011
14 MC080201273 Mr. Abdul Moeed Abid Master-MBA 3.5 Certificate of Merit-2010
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