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Top Scorer Pass-out Students


Sr.# Student Id Name Study Program CGPA Enrollment Session
1 ms170200425 Ms. Beenish Sarfraz Khan MS-MS in Mathematics  4.00 Spring-2017
2 mb120400282 Ms. Aiman Faridi MS-BA (Equivalent to MS)  3.95 Fall-2012
3 ms160401888 Ms. Maham Sajid MS-MS in Computer Science  3.87 Fall-2016
4 mc140400419 Mr. Zulqernain Amin Masters-MBA-Exec.  3.85 Fall-2014
5 mb130200035 Mr. Muhammad Mohsin Maroof MS-BA (Equivalent to MS)  3.78 Spring-2013
6 mb140400094 Mr. Nazik Hussain MS-BA (Equivalent to MS)  3.76 Fall-2014
7 mc140401842 Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Akram Masters-MCS  3.76 Fall-2014
8 mc130402530 Ms. Saima Kanwal Masters-MCS  3.76 Fall-2013
9 mc160404061 Ms. Sana Javaid Masters-MBA-Exec.  3.74 Fall-2016
10 mc130402528 Ms. Wajiha Fasih Masters-MCS  3.72 Fall-2013
11 mc150201817 Mr. Umar Farooq (Late) Masters-MBS  3.71 Fall-2015
12 mc170404339 SYEDA SIDRA BATOOL Masters-M.Sc. Zoology  3.69 Spring-2017
13 ms160402141 Mr. Muzamil Shahzad MS-MS in Computer Science  3.69 Fall-2016
14 ms160400855 Ms. Ifrah Gillani MS-MS in Mathematics  3.68 Spring-2016
15 mc170201825 Mr. Muhammad Irfan Masters-M.Sc. Mathematics  3.67 Spring-2017
16 bc130402127 Mr. Muhammad Hassam BS-Software Engineering  3.67 Fall-2013
17 mc160404071 Mr. Abdul Shahzad Masters-MBA-Exec  3.64 Fall-2016
18 dc180400154 Mr. SALAR HAIDER KHAN Diploma-PGD in Public Administration  3.59 Spring-2018
19 mc170201440 Ms. Aysha Maqbool Masters-M.Sc. Zoology  3.58 Spring-2017
20 bc170201097 Ms. Ishrat Atta B.Ed (1.5-Year Program)  3.57 Spring-2017
21 bc170201846 Mr. Muhammad Talha Saif Khan B.Ed (1.5-Year Program)  3.57 Spring-2017
22 mc130402525 Ms. Tabassum Naz Masters-MCS  3.56 Fall-2013
23 mc160404070 Mr. Arfan Saleem Masters-MBA-Exec  3.56 Fall-2016
24 mc090205280 Mr. Arshad Mahmood Masters-MCS  3.54 Fall-2019
25 bc180202951 Ms. SHAHZONIA B.Ed (1.5-Year Program)  3.52 Spring-2018
26 mc160401285 Ms. Umm-e-Ruman Masters-M.Sc. Zoology  3.50 Spring-2016