Policy Rassment Protection

   Private Virtual University Campus (PBWP02)


Date: 10-08-2023


In accordance with the “Protection against Harassment of women at the Workplace Act, 2010 (Amendment, 2022),” SoftVIsion College of IT has established an inquiry committee consisting of three members, including:


SoftVision College of IT



SoftVision College of IT is committed to maintaining an environment free from sexual harassment for its staff & students. Sexual harassment is a form of workplace discrimination. All employees are required to work in a manner that prevents sexual harassment in the workplace & also for necessary for students . This Policy is one component of SoftVision College IT commitment to a discrimination-free work environment. Sexual harassment is against the law and all employees & students have a legal right to a workplace free from sexual harassment and employees are urged to report sexual harassment by filing a complaint internally with Softvision College authorities committee.


This Sexual Harassment Policy applies to all employees & Students at SoftVision College of IT (VU Satellite Town Campus Bahawalpur.  All employees & Students become subject to this policy on their first day of employment & enrollment with SoftVision College of IT  and will be subject to discipline for violations of this policy, up to and including termination.

Authority committee Members

  • Director of Campus
  • Managing Director
  • Principal / Campus Manager

Consensus Rule and Policy

 To “Protection against Harassment of women by Authority committee

“Protection against Harassment of women” at SoftVision College of IT premises is prohibited

Any harassment by one another Students / staff on Campus premises is strictly prohibited.”

Strictly Not allow at Campus premises:-


  • Not allowed to any outsider who not registered as Students or staff to entry in Campus Labs, Rooms & other premises but only reception area after complete entry
  • Students Male & female can only enter their specified labs (Male Female Labs separately)
  • No Group Discussion allowed without permission in any case
  • Abused language and unethical behavior strictly not allowed event in jest
  • Only educational related material allow to open at Computer Labs other any entertainment or irrelevant data URL website audio videos text conversation not allowed
  • Ongoing remarks prohibited about a person’s Sexual Harassment made by a staff & students
  • Preferential treatment of an employee who submits to sexual conduct
  • Use of sexual publications, websites, or discussions or any related material not allowed



Sexual Harassment Investigation Procedure

Any student or a staff who has been the subject of sexual harassment may tell the harasser to stop immediately. If the harasser continues or if the individual is afraid or uncomfortable with speaking directly to the harasser, they should immediately report the incident to their Management or Campus director must be made aware of any inappropriate workplace behavior so that action can be taken immediately.


Sexual harassment complaints should be submitted to the Campus authorities as soon as possible after the occurrence of the incident. An authority’s representative may help related person to complete a written statement & also help to collect evidence, if the related person/student refuses to provide a written complaint, the authorities representative may file a complaint on behalf of the said person “Confidentiality”.


  • Any Subjective person immediately tell the actual story to authorities representative
  • Try to Submit any evidence that will help to strengthen his position
  • The authorities can take some steps to find out the truth of the incident so that no innocent person is punished.
  • Authority committee may help the subjective said person to file a complaint & collect evidence like CCTV record also & other helpful material.
  • The authority committee will take care of the privacy and dignity of the concerned person in all cases
  • All inquiries and investigations are conducted confidentially and the name of the affected person will not be mentioned unnecessarily.


Complaint Procedure


A sexual harassment complaint must provide at least the following information:


  • The complaining person name and position
  • The name and position of the harasser
  • The date of the incident
  • The location of the incident
  • A detailed description of the incident
  • A description of any witnesses present
  • What steps, if any, the said person has taken to try and stop the harassment
  • Any other relevant information


Upon receipt of a complaint, Authority committee will begin an investigation of the incident within one business day. Authority committee will speak with the harasser and any witnesses. A member of the committee will also review any other evidence available such as video footage text or audio recordings.


The effected person who filed the complaint will not participate in or learn of discussions with others, upon completion of the investigation, Committee will inform the said person of the result of the investigation. Unless there are circumstances requiring more time, determined solely by the HR Director, the investigation shall be completed within 10 to 15 days of committee receipt of the complaint.


During the investigation, committee will maintain confidentiality to the extent possible. Interviews with the harasser and witnesses may require committee to reveal the complainant’s name but committee will take steps to ensure the complainant is protected from retaliation during and after the investigation. Any information relating to a sexual harassment complaint and investigation shall be maintained in secure and confidential files retained by committee.


If an accused is found to have sexually harassed in violation of this policy, the mandatory minimum discipline is a written reprimand. This minimum discipline will only apply to first-time offenders and when the offense is determined to be minor and isolated in nature. Discipline for repeat violations or for ongoing offenses shall be immediate termination as per University polices. Accused in violation of this policy may also be subject to civil damages and criminal penalties as per law.


Feel free to inbox at softvision_bwp@yahoo.com & also pbwp02@vu.edu.pk  if you face any issue that falls under the domain of harassment, as explained in the Protection against Harassment of women at the Workplace Act, 2010 and Protection against Harassment of women at the Workplace (Amendments) Act, 2022.
You will be heard and protected irrespective of any discrimination, including gender.


(Please Remember, Do Not Misuse This Platform. We Protect Everyone’s Rights and Dignity)


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