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Sr. # Code Title Download Handouts/PPT Slides
1 HRM617 Training and Development Download
2 HRM624 Conflict Management Download
3 HRM627 Human Resource Development Download
4 HRM713 Performance Management Download
5 MGMT611 Human Relations (alt. code=HRM611) Download
6 MGMT614 Supply Chain Management Download
7 MGMT622 Management Skills Download
8 MGMT623 Leadership & Team Management – MGMT623 (alt. code=HRM623) Download
9 MGMT625 Change Management Download
10 MGMT627 Project Management Download
11 MGMT628 Organizational Development (alt. code=HRM628) Download
12 MGMT629 Crisis Management Download
13 MGMT630 Knowledge Management Download
14 MGMT727 Project Management Download
15 MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration Download
16 MGT211 Introduction To Business Download
17 MGT501 Human Resource Management Download
18 MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Download
19 MGT503 Principles of Management Download
20 MGT504 Organization Theory & Design Download
21 MGT510 Total Quality Management (alt. code=MGMT510) Download
22 MGT520 International Business Download
23 MGT601 SME Management Download
24 MGT602 Entrepreneurship Download
25 MGT603 Strategic Management Download
26 MGT610 Business Ethics Download
27 MGT613 Production / Operations Management Download
28 MGT621 Administrative Law and Accountability Download
29 PSC201 International Relations Download