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Humanities Distribution

Sr. # Code Title Download Handouts/PPT Slides
1 EDU101 Foundations of Education Download
2 EDU201 Learning Theories Download
3 EDU301 General Methods of Teaching Download
4 EDU303 Child Development Download
5 EDU304 Introduction to Guidance and Counseling Download
6 EDU305 Classroom Management Download
7 EDU402 Curriculum Development Download
8 EDU405 Classroom Assessment Download
9 EDU406 Critical Thinking and reflective Practice Download
10 EDU410 Teaching of Literacy Skills Download
11 EDU411 Teaching of Urdu Download
12 EDU501 School, Community and Teacher Download
13 EDU505 Education Development in Pakistan Download
14 EDU512 Teaching of Islamic Studies Download
15 EDU515 Teaching of Geography Download
16 EDU516 Teaching of English Download
17 EDU601 Philosophy of Education Download
18 EDU602 Educational Leadership and Management Download
19 EDU603 Educational Governance Policy and Practice Download
20 EDU654 Addressing problems of learning through technology and pedagogy Download
21 ETH202 Ethics (for Non-Muslims) Download
22 GSC101 General Science Download
23 GSC201 Teaching of General Science Download
24 ISL201 Islamic Studies Download
25 PAK301 Pakistan Studies Download
26 PAK302 Pakistan Studies Download
27 URD101 Urdu Download