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Computer Science/Information Technology

Sr. # Code Title Download Handouts
1 CS101 Introduction to Computing Download
2 CS201 Introduction to Programming Download
3 CS206 Introduction to Network Design & Analysis Download
4 CS301 Data Structures Download
5 CS302 Digital Logic Design Download
6 CS304 Object Oriented Programming Download
7 CS311 Introduction to Web Services Development Download
8 CS312 Database Modeling and Design Download
9 CS401 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming Download
10 CS402 Theory of Automata Download
11 CS403 Database Management Systems Download
12 CS408 Human Computer Interaction Download
13 CS410 Visual Programming Download
14 CS411 Visual Programming Download
15 CS501 Advance Computer Architecture Download
16 CS502 Fundamentals of Algorithms Download
17 CS504 Software Engineering – I Download
18 CS506 Web Design and Development Download
19 CS507 Information Systems Download
20 CS508 Modern Programming Languages Download
21 CS601 Data Communication Download
22 CS602 Computer Graphics Download
23 CS604 Operating Systems Download
24 CS605 Software EngineeringII Download
25 CS606 Compiler Construction Download
26 CS607 Artificial Intelligence Download
27 CS609 System Programming Download
28 CS610 Computer Network Download
29 CS614 Data Warehousing Download
30 CS615 Software Project Management Download
31 CS701 Theory of Computation Download
32 CS702 Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design Download
33 CS703 Advanced Operating Systems Download
34 CS704 Advanced Computer Architecture-II Download
35 CS706 Software Quality Assurance Download
36 CS707 Network Security Download
37 CS708 Software Requirement Engineering Download
38 CS709 Formal Methods for Software Engineering Download
39 CS710 Mobile and Pervasive Computing Download
40 CS711 Software Design Download
41 CS712 Distributed DBMS Download
42 CS713 Object Oriented DBMS Download
43 CS716 Advanced Computer Networks Download
44 CS718 Wireless Networks Download
45 CS721 Network Performance Evaluation Download
46 CS723 Probability and Stochastic Processes Download
47 CS724 Software Process Improvement Download
48 CS726 Information Retrieval Techniques Download
49 IT430 E-Commerce Download