About Us


SoftVision College of Information Technology Bahawalpur has completed Its 18 Years of Services to the nation for almost two decades, SoftVision College has stayed true to Its mission if imparting education to all the sectors of the society may It be industries or the common man. Staying committed to its motto of “Quality Education”. Thousands of the students who have completed their education from SoftVision College are serving in different sectors throughout the world.

Our Mission

  • Improving lives through learning.
  • To establish a system of education and development to enhance the quality in all areas.
  • To increase lifelong learning opportunities for our students and our community.
  • To promote programs and activities that enhance the cultural and social well-being of our students and community.
  • Our mission is to serve the country and youth by developing them into excellent experts to serve the society at home and abroad.
  • To provide continuous human resource development.
  • To provide quality flexible excellence and affordable education for all students regardless of their financial means.
  • To provide the best working environment to faculty and staff to create a culture of research, innovation and cooperation.
  • We make every decision to support the career and personal development of our students.
  • Facilitate the supportive educational provisions that can help the students in the best possible way.

Our Objectives

  • To provide leading edge information technology solutions to our students by building at organization based on best breed technologies, talent and integrity.
  • To create and maintain a work environment conductive to intellectual growth, physical and mental well being and prosperity of all the students of this institution.
  • To maintain the broadest range and highest quality of service by recognizing the needs of our students, proactively working towards providing solutions and leveraging state of the art technology to serve the best interests of the IT/Computer users.
  • To be sensitive towards social, cultural and economic needs and strive to contribute to the betterment of the community and country we operate in.
  • To honorably serve the human resource development needs of the society by designing an offering demand drive and job oriented learning program.

Why SoftVision?

  • Virtual University Most senior campus in Bahawalpur
  • Outstanding Environment
  • SoftVision remains open 7 days of week (Saturday and Sunday also)
  • Campus timing 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Guideline Session & Group Study Discussion
  • Special Support for job holders

Message from Managing Director

Education, especially at the higher level has never been a value-free pursuit. It originates from national history, captures the nation’s ideals, reinforces shared believes and values, and builds the edifice of human character. Education without purpose ad value content is neither possible nor beneficial. Often, the confusion in the destiny of a nation is an outgrowth of distortion of the value content of the educational system. To have effective information technology, it must move with the times and be responsive to evolving information concepts and requirements.

SoftVision in collaboration with Islamia University Bahawalpur have embraced this principle with enthusiasm and has been the forefront of the considerable changes, which have taken place in IT in Pakistan during recent years. We use motivational techniques to develop the qualities of head and heart. We Welcome prospective students to join us in the mission to bring information technology revolution in Pakistan.

Attiq ur Rehman